Cassette [OSR74]

by Mark Beer

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"My name is Mark Beer. I am an English artist - a musician/producer, I released various records on my own Waste Records and My China Records labels between 1978 and 1981 which were distibuted by Rough Trade Records (for whom I recorded the single Pretty) . Also, some solo and collaborative pieces were released in Belgium and Germany on singles, EPs and compilation albums . I have always thought of my work as art rather than entertainment . I make that distinction to emphasise my view that art is intended to nourish, whereas entertainment is intended to amuse - the difference between food and chewing gum . Over the years I have worked with many different live bands, and privately, as an experimenter. This cassette ( released by OSR ) is my first published work since 1986 , it comprises 2 new songs - Mosaic Man and All That We Hold Most Dear, and two from the early 1980's - Love Dances Warm and The Small Get By . In recent years , I have been continually writing and recording . The possibility of a complete reissue of my early work has been discussed lately , so it may see the light of day in the relatively near future . " --

recorded 2016 (1) , 1980 (2) , 2014 (3) , & 1981 (4) respectively by Mark Beer

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released September 6, 2016



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OSR Brooklyn, New York

OSR , a not-for-profit record label , was run 2007-2016 by Zach Phillips in Brattleboro , VT and Brooklyn , NY

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