Stars Vomit Coffee Shop [OSR72]

by Frank Kogan

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"originally 'self-released' in 1984 , Frank Kogan's "Stars Vomit Coffee Shop" compiles his work with the groups Red Dark Sweet [with Charlotte Pressler of Pressler-Morgan , Andrew Klimeyk of X___X , Donna Ratajczak , & Rick Brown , now of 75 Dollar Bill)] & The Pillowmakers [with Stefano Arata , Carol Meinke , formerly of the Rentals , & Jack Freud] as well as the solo aftermath following his exit from the former & the dissolution of the latter . the context is thick and Frank can tell it better than me , so see the liners below (Frank has at this point written in words more extensively than in music & that's another past to plumb , for example the journal "Stranded" which he helped put together with Robin Crutchfield & Luc Sante) . I love SVCS ... if Frank failed , as he says in the liners , at what he was trying to do musically , he succeeded in compiling one of the most 'listenable' & varied documents of the late-'70s/early-'80s NYC-Ohio 'underground' (scare-quotes used here as a knock-on-wood gesture) axis , in itself a glowing & inscrutable silt facet of 'punk' music history that has until now largely resisted the 'revitalization' initiatives of cultural valorization , & the memory of which is preserved primarily by its participants & some decaying , mind-bending wax & plastic" --

1-4: Frank Kogan
5-6: The Pillowmakers
7-8: The Pre-Pillowmakers
9-12: Red Dark Sweet
13: Frank Kogan with Red Dark Sweet
14: Frank Kogan

The Pillowmakers: Frank Kogan vocals, guitar, bass (track 6); Stefano Arata bass, guitar (track 6), Carol Meinke drums.

The Pre-Pillowmakers: Frank Kogan vocals, guitar; Stefano Arata bass; Jack Freud drums.

Red Dark Sweet: Andrew Klimek vocals (tracks 9, 11, 12), guitar; Charlotte Pressler vocals (tracks 10, 12), keyboards; Frank Kogan bass, rhythm guitar, vocals (track 13); Donna Ratajczak drums (track 12); Rick Brown drums (tracks 9, 10, 11); John Spuzzillo drums (track 13).

All tracks recorded in New York City except track 13 in Cleveland. Tracks 1-4 and 14 recorded 1984 by Frank Kogan, 5 and 6 1983 by Stefano Arata, 7 and 8 1982 by Tom Barrett (mixed by Frank Maya), 12 by Andrew Kilmek and Charlotte Pressler 1981, 9-11 1982 by whatever cassette recorder happened to be lying on the floor, ditto 13 1984.

Thanks to Frank Maya, Tom Barrett, Charlotte Pressler, and Andrew Klimek for love and support.

Originally self-released on cassette by Frank Kogan, 1984; CD re-release 2016 by OSR

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released September 5, 2016



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OSR Brooklyn, New York

OSR , a not-for-profit record label , was run 2007-2016 by Zach Phillips in Brattleboro , VT and Brooklyn , NY

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