Look At What Happened

from by CE Schneider Topical



look at what happened when it happened to me
it was only what happened when you happen to see
look at what happened
you know it didn't happen like they used to say
how come nothing ever happens when you turn away
from what used to happen anyway
isn't it whatever it would happen to be
to get only recognized as an entity
look at what happened
if you mean to make your fortune from a mile a week
it's gonna be from looking at what happened to me
when you tell me to
look at what happened
look at you standing there, 6 years old
holding a margarita and you're smoking your phone
look at what happened
well you jumped in the river to another pause
in moment that you happened to believe was lost to the price
that you happened to think that it cost
look at what happened


from Antifree [LP, OSR48], released May 5, 2016



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