Seeing Eye People

from by CE Schneider Topical



seeing eye people pay the museum
would you like to come to our festival?
we can offer you at least $5 but we can't guarantee anything
your contribution won't be forgotten
we are so excited to have you doing with you're doing
so unique
seeing eye people to place an order
would you kindly move from where you are
we're looking at the art video but who you are is standing in the way
this requisition will be an asset
we are so excited to watch you growing as an artist
over time
seeing eye people
that hurt my feelings, you're off my list now
this is not a game, this is my job
seeing eye people pay the museum
and that's an honest charity
they need to feed the architect
don't you want a roof over your head


from Antifree [LP, OSR48], released May 5, 2016



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