wrestle anthem, brutal lady
foggy mystic
resting over in the side of the ring
shrinking from a tea cup
perspiring for certain
what did not deter her on the way down
slingshots off of the ropes
frozen underwater like a star cone
cuz in a way, it's always part of a show
this tornado could be many
even plenty
know uniquely that the house always wins
drilling through their own walls
and frosting the linens
i wouldn't want to be standing near the wrestler
when in back of the gym
burning in the forehead an opponent
has the coach in its grip
will is a part of a need
will is a part of a needless
action is a part of a drill
if the bell is going off and you need the terry cloth
you never kill


from Antifree [LP, OSR48], released May 5, 2016



all rights reserved


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